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Meet Our Professionals


Earl Scott


Head Golf Professional

Earl has been the Head Golf Professional at Riverside Country Club since 2002. Prior to Earl’s time at Riverside, he was the Head Professional/Manager of the Silverwood Golf Course in Saskatoon. Earl is involved with the Vipond Golf tournament each year which raises funds for Cosmopolitan Industries, who work to enhance the life experiences of intellectually challenged individuals. He has been a past board member and President of the Professional Golfers Association of Saskatchewan and served as Regional coach for the Royal Canadian Golf Association. Earl has been named Professional of the Year and Teacher of the Year by his peers. He is very passionate about helping junior golfers learn life skills through golf that makes for quality individuals.


Chad Lavallee


Associate Golf Professional

Chad joined Riverside Golf & Country Club in 2022 as the Associate Golf Professional. He has joined the Professional Golfers Association of Canada in 2009 and prior to his time at Riverside Chad was a Sales Manager at Golf Town Saskatoon as well as the Lead Club Fitter. Chad’s passion for golf has taken him around North America where he has had the opportunity to work with notable names in the golf industry such as Sean Foley, James Leitz, and Stan Utley. Chad is also a TPI certified instructor which focuses on the biomechanics of the golf swing as well as the kinematic sequencing of the golf swing. Chad’s passion lies in all areas of golf and he is ready to help you with all your golfing needs.

Golf Shop

Golf Lessons

Riverside employs members of the Canadian Professional Golfers Association in the Golf Shop and offers golf lessons with one of these two CPGA Professionals. Our professionals are trained in teaching, club fitting, club repair, and tournament operations. 

Riverside offers many different types of lessons including: group lessons, individual lessons, corporate outings, and computer assisted lessons. Individualized or group lesson packages can be designed to fit your needs. Our Club offers juniors, beginners, and Women's clinics. Our junior lessons include a wide variety of instruction for those 5-18 years of age.

Whether your golf goals include developing a more consistent game, curing some putting woes, or adding a few extra yards to your drive, our teaching staff can help you reach your golf ambitions. Lessons are booked directly with the Golf Professionals themselves and are available to both member and non-member golfers.

If you are interested in booking a lesson click here for more information on pricing.  

Clothing and Shoes

Riverside Golf Shop is pleased to offer our members a wide selection of Men's and Women's golfwear, shoes, and accessories. We stock the ideal combination of style and performance - whether you are looking for a new ensemble for the links or for fashionable street wear, our shop staff is happy to help you find just what you need. 

Golf Clubs, Golf Balls & Accessories

For all your golf equipment needs, Riverside offers a wide range of equipment at great prices. Individualized club fitting by our CPGA Professionals will help ensure you choose the product that is the right fit for you. For more information on club fitting, please see the “Club Fitting” subheading above.

Corporate Purchases

One of the many services offered through the Riverside Golf Shop is the ability to purchase special order items as well as make bulk purchases for businesses and individuals. Our team at the Riverside Golf Shop is also excited to offer products and merchandise for corporate promotions. We have access to an endless variety of items that can be affixed with your personal or company logo on it. Click here to view our Corporate Ideabook.

Club Fitting

Every golfer's physique and golf swing are unique. Height, arm length, hand size and swing speed all determine how golf clubs should be designed and fitted. When considering new equipment, our team should always fit you to ensure that your new equipment is right for you.

When club fitting, there are four main points of consideration:

  • Length: clubs that are too short, or too long will have an adverse effect on how you set up to the ball. When your posture is compromised, your swing will be as well.​
  • Lie angle: this will determine where the bottom of the club contacts the ground. Too close to the heel will encourage a hook and too close to the toe a slice.
  • Shaft Flex and Material: golf clubs come in two different materials, graphite and steel. Both have advantages for individual golfers, i.e. Graphite tends to be lighter and promote less vibration at impact. Having less vibration or shock may be preferred by some while others will prefer the feel and stability of steel. Steel tends to be the choice of people who swing with a higher club head speed and graphite for those who have a slower swing and want to hit the ball higher.
  • Grip size: each of us has a different hand size and we will ensure the grip fits accordingly.
Although this may sound complicated, it is a simple process that our Golf Shop team is trained in and can complete a fitting in an hour or less. New equipment is a costly investment and we want to ensure that you spend your money wisely. So, the next time you are considering new equipment give us a call and we can make an appointment that suits you. Please see our list of demo days and take advantage of these opportunities to try some new equipment and get fit properly.​​​

Rules of Golf 

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Click here to view the Local Rules at Riverside and click here to view 2 New Rules 2023 

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