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Riverside Country Club is the annual host of three of Saskatchewan's most prestigious golf and social events. The Riverside Vipond Golf Classic, Saskatchewan Amateur Team Championship and Riverside Ladies' Classic. Riverside has also hosted: two Canadian Amateur Men's Championships, two Canadian Women's Amateur Championships, two Senior Canadian Men's Championships, a Canadian Mid-Amateur Men's Championship, and a Canadian Junior Men's Amateur Championship.

Tournaments at Riverside Country Club

  • SATC
  • Riverside Vipond Golf Classic
  • Ladies' Classic
  • Club Champions

Save the Date: The SATC tournament will be held at Riverside Country Club on August 10th-12th, 2020. More information will be available in the months to follow.

Congratulations to Brad Phelps & Colin Coben for claiming the 2019 Wyant Group Saskatchewan Amateur Team Championship! Great golfing by all competitors! Please see below for a full update on the 2019 matches.

Wyant Group Presents the 

 Saskatchewan Amateur Team Championship = Championship Flight

Consolation               Winners
  Play:Wed 1:00 pm Play:Wed 7:30 am Play:Tues 1:30 pm Play: Tues 7:30 am Play:Tues 1:30 pm Play:Wed 7:30 am Play:Wed 1:00 pm  
        1 Phelps/Coben        
        1A - VS        
      Teal/Nieman 16 - Nieman/Teal Phelps/Coben      
      VS   VS      
      Bussiere/Iula 8 Bussiere/Iula Knibbs/Wright      
        1B - VS        
    Teal/Nieman   9 Knibbs/Wright   Phelps/Coben    
    15A - VS       17A - VS    
    Gay/Kocur   4 Galon/Morin   Brown/Fairbairn    
        2A - VS        
      Gay/Kocur 13 Gay/Kocur Galon/Morin      
      VS   VS      
      Prosofsky/Loomes 5 Brown/Fairbairn Brown/Fairbairn      
        2B - VS        
  Gay/Kocur     12 Prosofsky/Loomes     Phelps/Coben  
Walton/Ryde 1B - VS           1A - VS Phelps/Coben
WINNER Walton/Ryde     2 Buckwold/Zdunich     Porter/Blyth 2019 CHAMPIONS
        3A - VS        
      Chilliak/Chilliak 15 - Chilliak/Chilliak Buckwold/Zdunich      
      VS   VS      
      Bortis/Hollman 7 Campbell/Campbell Campbell/Campbell      
        3B - VS        
    Chilliak/Chilliak   10 Bortis/Hollman   Buckwold/Zdunich    
    16A - VS       18A - VS    
    Walton/Ryde   3 Porter/Blyth   Porter/Blyth    
        4A - VS        
      Walton/Ryde 14 Walton/Ryde Porter/Blyth      
      VS   VS      
      Frohlick/Zmetana 6 Frohlick/Zmetana Waslen/Steele      
        4B - VS        
        11 Waslen/Steele        

 Wyant  Group Presents the 


Saskatchewan Amateur Team Championship = First Flight

Consolation               Winners
  Play:Wed 1:00 pm Play:Wed 7:30 am Play:Tues 1:30 pm Play: Tues 7:30 am Play:Tues 1:30 pm Play:Wed 7:30 am Play:Wed 1:00 pm  
        1 - Eggum/Tilbury        
        5A - VS        
      Bamford/Bamford 16 Bamford/Bamford Eggum/Tilbury      
      VS   VS      
      Baerg/Anholt 8 Baerg/Anholt Flasch/Marsh      
        6A - VS        
    Bamford/Bamford   9 Flasch/Marsh   Eggum/Tilbury    
    10A - VS       13A - VS    
    Prosky/Will   4 Sim/Scheidl   Sled/Sereda    
        6B -VS        
      Prosky/Will 13 Prosky/Will Sim/Scheidl      
      VS   VS      
      Mumford/Davidson 5 Sled/Sereda Sled/Sereda      
        7A - VS        
  Prosky/Will     12 Mumford/Davidson     Sled/Sereda  
Prosky/Will 17A - VS           18A - VS Sled/Sereda
WINNER McGrath/Commodore     2 - Laskowski/Ashby     Wilson/Hill WINNER
        8A - VS        
      Laskowski/Ashby 15 Meckelborg/Bamford Meckelborg/Bamford      
      VS   VS      
      McGrath/Commodore 7 Gaudet/Grenier Gaudet/Grenier      
        8B - VS        
    McGrath/Commodore   10 McGrath/Commodore   Gaudet/Grenier    
    12A - VS       14A - VS    
    Jones/Opheim   3 - Walsh/Dube   Wilson/Hill    
        9A - VS        
      Jones/Opheim 14 Jones/Opheim Walsh/Dube      
      VS   VS      
      Cleghorn/McKechnie 6 Wilson/Hill Wilson/Hill      
        9B - VS        
        11 Cleghorn/McKechnie        

Wyant Group Presents the 


Saskatchewan Amateur Team Championship = Second Flight

Consolation               Winners
  Play:Wed 1:00 pm Play:Wed 7:30 am Play:Tues 1:30 pm Play: Tues 7:30 am Play:Tues 1:30 pm Play:Wed 7:30 am Play:Wed 1:00 pm  
        1 Wyant/Goettler        
        10A - VS        
      Bitz/Green 16 Bitz/Green Wyant/Goettler      
      VS   VS      
      Anwar/Akbar 8 Anwar/Akbar  Taylor/Elson      
        10B - VS        
    Bitz/Green   9 Taylor/Elson   Wyant/Goettler    
    6A - VS       8A - VS    
    Ball/Avery   4 Johnson/Longpre   Johnson/Longpre    
        11A - VS        
      McCubbing/Sweeney 13 McCubbing/Sweeney Johnson/Longpre      
      VS   VS      
      Ball/Avery 5 Ball/Avery Bokitch/McGill      
        12A - VS        
  Ball/Avery     12 Bokitch/McGill     Wyant/Goettler  
Ball/Avery 15A - VS           16A - VS Wyant/Goettler
WINNER Cey/Danberg     2 Davies/Cabalt     Davies/Cabalt WINNER
        12B - VS        
      Caouette/Heard 15 Caouette/Heard Davies/Cabalt      
      VS   VS      
      Nakrako/Goettler 7 Roblin/Harris Roblin/Harris      
        13A - VS        
    Caouette/Heard   10 Nakrako/Goettler   Davies/Cabalt    
    7A - VS       9A - VS    
    Cey/Danberg   3 Kuse/Kuse   Kuse/Kuse    
        13B - VS        
      Isely/Isely 14  Isely/Isely Kuse/Kuse      
      VS   VS      
      Cey/Danberg 6 Bast/Michel Bast/Michel      
        14A - VS        
        11 Cey/Danberg        

Wyant Group Presents the 


Saskatchewan Amateur Team Championship = Third Flight

Consolation               Winners
  Play:Wed 1:00 pm Play:Wed 7:30 am Play:Tues 1:30 pm Play: Tues 7:30 am Play:Tues 1:30 pm Play:Wed 7:30 am Play:Wed 1:00 pm  
        1 Schwartz/Sigmeth        
        14B - VS        
      Calyniuk/Shilling 16 Calyniuk/Shilling Schwartz/Sigment      
      VS   VS      
      Bailey/Sim 8 Dahl/Dahl Dahl/Dahl      
        15A - VS        
    Bailey/Sim   9 Bailey/Sim   Dahl/Dahl    
    1A       3A - VS    
    Richter/Rodych   4 Katzman/Dixon   Katzman/Dixon    
        15B - VS     .  
      Cholowski/Bowler 13 Cholowski/Bowler Katzman/Dixon      
      VS   VS      
      Richter/Rodych 5 Richter/Rodych Rice/Fairburn      
        16A - VS        
  Richter/Rodych     12 Rice/Fairburn     Katzman/Dixon  
Clegg/Clegg 13A - VS           14A - VS Katzman/Dixon
WINNER Clegg/Clegg     2 Harder/Turner     Rogal/Tait WINNER
        16B - VS        
      Mader/Bellerose 15 Mader/Bellerose Harder/Turner      
      VS   VS      
      Holmes/Robson 7 Holmes/Robson Wyant/Holmes      
        17A - VS        
    Mader/Bellerose   10 Wyant/Holmes   Harder/Turner    
    2A - VS       4A - VS    
    Clegg/Clegg   3 Wyant/Martinez   Rogal/Tait    
        18A - VS        
      Wyant/Martinez 14 Gibbings/Goluboff Gibbings/Goluboff      
      VS   VS      
      Clegg/Clegg 6 Rogal/Tait Rogal/Tait      
        18B - VS        
        11 Clegg/Clegg        

Day 2 - 7:30 a.m. Shotgun & 1:30 p.m. Shotgun
Day 3 - 7:30 a.m. Shotgun & 1:00 p.m. Shotgun

June 22nd, 2020

The Vipond tournament has proven to be one of the most prestigious mens golfing events in Saskatchewan, very popular with the 240-plus golfers who enrol in the match each year. On “Vipond Day” Riverside establishes a direct connection to the community-at-large and allows many non-member golfers to enjoy the fine amenities that the Club offers.

In the late 1970's, Jim Vipond, a well known southern Ontario sports writer, organized the first VIPOND Golf Classic.  This was a charitable tournament in support of community services for adults with mental and multiple disabilities.  Since that time VIPOND tournaments have been established across Canada. 

Proceeds from the Riverside Vipond Golf Classic support community services provided by agencies  including Cosmopolitan Industries, the Community Living Association Saskatoon, Ability in Me, Special  Olympics and Elmwood Residences.

These organizations strive to enhance the quality of life for people with intellectual and/or multiple disabilities.  Their residential, recreational, social and vocational services are provided in a manner that promotes dignity and inclusion in our community.

More than $1 Million has been raised to fund the many capital and non-capital projects undertaken by the above agencies for the benefit of those individuals in our community who require support in their daily lives.

Save the Date: The Ladies' Classic will be held at Riverside Country Club on July 13th & 14th, 2020. Stay tuned for more information.

The 36th Annual Ladies' Classic was held at Riverside Country Club on July 8th & 9th, 2019.

Congratulations to back-to-back Champion Ann Kirkland & her Classic partner Dianne Bethune, pictured on the right, for claiming the 2019 Ladies' Classic title! Thank you to the Classic Committee volunteers, sponsors and prize donors - the tournament would not have been possible without your support!

Congratulations to Grady Brown (left) for claiming the title of 2019 Men's Stroke-Play Champion, and Scott Walper (right) for being the Overall Low Net Winner - trophies presented by Associate Golf Professional David Semko (middle).

Congratulations to Ann Kirkland for becoming the 2019 Ladies' Club Champion! Great golfing by all participants, and congratulations to the 1st Flight Winner Sharon Johnson, 2nd Flight Winner Bev Parent & 3rd Flight Winner Valerie Hamilton!

Congratulations to the past Champions at Riverside Country Club!

Riverside Country Club Match-Play Club Champions

1949 Alex Turnbull 1986-87 Herb Pinder Jr.
1950 Herb Pinder 1988 Rick Folk
1951 Jack Leddy 1989 Herb Pinder Jr.
1952 Blair Nelson 1990 Joel Teal
1953 Jack Leddy 1991-92 Murray Osborn
1954 Ross Pinder 1993 Joel Teal
1955 Keith Burgess 1994 Murray Osborn
1956 Ab Flavelle 1995 Leigh Illing
1957 Gary Salisbury 1996 Rick Hillestad
1958 Graeme Ross 1997 John Walsh
1959 Herb Pinder 1998 Crandell Ruholl
1960 Blair Nelson 1999-01 Brent Ashton
1961 Jack Heywood 2002 Darryn Knibbs
1962 Jim Scissons 2003-04 Karl Parrington
1963 Jack Heywood 2005 John Walsh
1964 Herb Pinder 2006 Scott Scissons
1965 Alex Folk 2007 Rick Hillestad
1966-68 Ed Ross Jr. 2008 John Walsh
1969 Rick Folk 2009 Rick Hillestad
1970 Dennis Oleniuk 2010 Kirby Drury
1971 Ted Rich 2011-12 John Walsh
1972 Rick Folk 2013 Kirby Drury
1973-74 Gerry Pinder 2014-15 Darryn Knibbs
1975 Murray Osborn 2016 John Walsh
1976 Bob Beranek 2017 Kirby Drury
1977 Gerry Pinder 2018 Mark Buckwold
1978 Bob Elmore 2019 Jehremy Ryde
1979 Murray Osborn    
1980 Herb Pinder Jr.    
1981-83 Bob Elmore    
1984 Dennis Oleniuk    
1985 Murray Osborn    

Riverside Men's Stroke-Play Champions

2003 Darryn Knibbs
2004 Karl Parrington
2005 George Paul
2006 Jim Scissons
2007 Darryn Knibbs
2008 Scott Scissons
2009 Tim Koehn
2010 Kirby Drury
2011-13 Darryn Knibbs
2014 Kirby Drury
2015-18 Rick Hillestad
2019 Grady Brown

Ladies' Club Champions

1957-59 Barbara Turnbull 2000 Barbara Danaher
1960  Mrs. J. T. Mead 2001 Meredith MacPherson- Stalwich
1961-63 Barbara Turnbull 2002 Valerie Bittner
1964 Beverly Briggs 2003 Barbara Danaher
1965-77 Barbara Turnbull 2004 Marg Ravis
1978-79 Pat Lawson 2005 Sharon Johnson
1980-81 Barb Wilson 2006-07 Laura Small
1982 Pat Lawson 2008 Sharon Johnson
1983 Pat Lawson 2009 Susan Buness
1984-86 Barbara Danaher 2010-14 Laura Small
1987 Bev Parent 2015 Sharon Johnson
1988 Barbara Danaher 2016-18 Laura Small
1989-90 Tamara Ewanyshyn 2019 Ann Kirkland
1991-93 Barbara Danaher    
1994 Barb Wilson    
1995-97 Barbara Danaher    
1998-99 Bev Parent